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Step into a world where every image tells a story of unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction. Our studio is your gateway to captivating visuals, where precision meets passion. Experience excellence with every click, as we redefine your expectations.

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Real estate

Real estate

Elevate your property’s allure with our enchanting real estate photography service. We skilfully capture the soul of your space, transforming mere images into emotion-evoking narratives. Immerse potential buyers in the enchantment of their future home. Secure our service now for a visual journey that transcends the ordinary, sparking immediate desire.



Immerse yourself in the art of automotive allure with our captivating photography service. Elevate your vehicle’s presence with stunning images that evoke passion and desire. Our expert lens captures every curve, reflecting the soul of your automobile. Unleash the power of emotion – turn your ride into a visual masterpiece today!

People & events

People & events

Capture the magic of your most cherished moments with our people and events photography service. Immerse yourself in emotion-filled frames that vividly depict the joy, love, and warmth of your special occasions. Let us transform fleeting seconds into timeless memories, preserving the beauty of your life’s most precious experiences.

Why choose K1MEDIA

Make your images stand out with us

Personalised service

Being a boutique agency, we can react quickly to different client requirement. We are flexible and responsive to individual needs so you receive the exact product you are after.

online bookings

Book your next shoot via an online form where you can select the packages or services you require and add upgrades and extras to meet your needs.

Social media content

Social media presence is a game changer. We can create custom content including short video reels, brand awareness tiles and more to make you stand out and bring in buyers for faster sales or just make you stand out.

Using latest technology

We keep up with the latest photography technology, both in our equipment as well as software to ensure the products you get are of the highest quality and up-to-date style.

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